“When you are on a great horse you have the best seat you will ever have” -Winston Churchill

Are you ready to try the most addictive horse sport in the world? Polo Wicklow has full facilities for newcomers and visitors, with polo lessons and polo courses available for all levels of rider. Never ridden before? No problem, we have professionally trained polo ponies of all levels that will help you learn as you go along.

The Clubhouse

“Being a person is too complicated, time to be a unicorn”

Our Clubhouse is the perfect venue for your unique and special event, whether it be a corporate day out or a charity luncheon – Polo Wicklow is the place for you. With seating for up to 100 guests, full catering kitchen facilities, bar, surround sound system and even 2 large screens to show your own photos, video or presentations, we have it all. Look out over the polo arena and take in the stunning rolling hills and Irish Sea – all this without having to get off your seat with our fully glazed front.

Horse Sales

A horse is like your best friend you can them your secrets and no one else will ever know

We have horses to suit all ages and abilities of player. From Irish thoroughbreds to the half bred and Connemara cross. Polo Wicklow is sure to find the horse for you. If we don’t have one in stock we will do our best to find it. All our horses are professionally schooled and cared for to the highest level.


“All you need in life is a friend who joins you in your craziness”

Polo Wicklow is Ireland’s only all year round polo facilities. The perfect place to make new friends and meet like minded horse mad people. During the winter enjoy the comforts of our luxurious clubhouse, sipping a hot cuppa beside the open fire or on our heated balcony while watching the polo below you. In the summer, take in the picturesque views while players fly past you, all while sitting in the comfort of our Eco-clubhouse in Ballyhenry Polo Grounds, Ashford.

Polo Shop

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping” -Bo Derek

In our specialised polo shop we have everything you need for you and your polo pony. From mallets, boots and hats to saddles, bridles and bandages. All leather products are handmade from top quality Argentine leather.